Interested in receiving an Endow Urbandale grant? Fill out the following application form! For any assistance with grant application, please reach out to Steve Lytle at 515-283-8159.

Section #1: Contact Support

Please list your organization's website and any social media platforms.

Section #2: Organization Information

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Board Information

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Section #3: Grant Information

Section #4: Budget

Provide a basic budget for the project/program: (For projects, provide budget information for the term of the project; for on-going programs, provide budget information for the current fiscal year.)


Salaries and benefits

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Fundraising expenditures

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Total anticipated expenditures

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Government assistance

Other public contributors

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Please email or mail a balance sheet listing the value of all current assets and liabilities as of the most recent month-end or quarter-end preceding the date of this application. Other information/documents may be sent as needed. If you are awarded a grant you will be expected to provide a follow-up report to Endow Urbandale upon completion of the project/program.